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Bespoke solutions that
work for your industry

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your industry's challenges and design solutions that address your specific needs. From developing customized software to designing specialized equipment, we have the skills and resources to create bespoke solutions that deliver results.


Working over 20 years in IT market, we gained a huge experience in delivering diverse software solutions for various industries.

We are a full-service agency specialized mainly in the following verticals:
Career and Cargo Shipment Logistics Education Entertainment & Media Digital Signage Document Management Professional Services Travel and Hospitality Manufacturing Distribution Public Sector Construction Healthcare Retail E-Commerce


With our customized solutions, we empower businesses to better manage relationships with customers and vendors, achieve cost and time efficiency, optimize service delivery and increase revenues. Our solutions make smart use of technology to resolve various complexities and challenges that are faced in all the industries mentioned above.

Business Management Solutions

In today's business environment the industry you work in and the size of your company are no longer important, you need a software, which, like a one-man band, will automate, improve and get all business issues done.

Business management software solutions help businesses avoid working chaos and loss of data, make work more efficient and productive, predict risks and increase business performance in the long run.

Ogma Inc. offers the following business management solutions:
Content management systemCMS Customer relationship managementCRM Enterprise resource planningERP

IT Sector

Web and mobile development has been our strong passion for years, and we have a colossal experience in diverse industries. We use the latest technologies and tools to build intuitive mobile applications, design and develop complex business solutions and manage databases. We believe that a perfect solution is always reached through close collaboration between the development team and customer.

Our main services are:
Web Development Mobile & Tablet Database Business Intelligence & Analytics

IT Systems & Services

Information technologies have burst into the business life and completely changed it by making it grow faster, more effective and take better decisions. Nowadays, it’s hard to run a business without technological innovations, which, in fact, are the driver of any business success. IT management systems and services give business tools to solve complex problems, improve resource management and communication. Our company’s main purpose is to help our customers improve and upgrade their technological business needs and reach financial prosperity.

Our system and service solutions are:
Asset Tracking (RFID & Barcode) Data Warehousing Digital Asset Management System Electronic Data InterchangeEDI Facilities Management System Field Service Management System Firmware Management Geographic Information System GIS IT Service Management System Location Based Services LBS Point-of-Sale POS & Payment Processing Sales Management System Transportation Management System

IT Technology

Technologies are evolving and changing rapidly, and at Ogma Inc. we always keep our eyes open towards new technologies and trend. Our developers constantly upgrade their knowledge in IT to move with the times. Therefore, we are open to any technological challenges, and our customers are ensured to have working solution that meets today's technological requirements.

These are the technologies we are specialized in:
Augmented & Virtual RealityAR & VR Angular and React Big Data Blockchain Cloud IoT & M2M


We are extremely proud to have a team of energetic and super creative designers, who come up with new design concepts for each and every project, taking into account customer’s preferences and meeting deadlines. Our main purpose is to find out the best match of what the design should communicate and what emotions it should invoke. We strive to deliver progressive, trendy and, at the same time, simple design solutions.

Our design services are:
Graphic Design User Interface UI User ExperienceUX