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Custom Software

Ogma Inc. is a full service IT solutions agency that provides software products and services for diverse business industries. The research and development, quality assurance, implementation and deployment of the projects are held in the R&D office, located in Yerevan, Armenia.
Our team is the key to our success and insures that we deliver our services without compromising on time and quality.
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What We Do

We create business solutions, web and mobile applications, database design, UI/UX design to meet even the most ambitious clients’ needs.

Customer Software

Ogma Inc. has made its mark in the information technology market by delivering tailored solutions that enhance the capabilities of your existing system or are created from scratch to meet your specific business needs. Learn More

Mobile Application

We provide full iOS and Android mobile app development services, that cover the entire development cycle, from concept to distribution. Learn More


We offer Database Management Services to complete the overall maintenance of your infrastructure. Learn More

Quality Assurance and

We provide an independent software QA and testing services that promise the highest quality, reliability, low cost and enhanced usability. Learn More

Design and User

We create user-centered designs and interfaces that offer an excellent user experience. Learn More


We help to enhance the entire online strategy of businesses with our full marketing services including website, content, social media, search engine optimization, and digital advertising. Learn More

Our Mission

At Ogma Inc. our primary focus is to help partners overcome technology challenges. We deliver on-time solutions that meet our customer’s business needs. With our clients we establish deep-rooted relationship based on high quality service and support.

Empower Our Clients

We work every step of the project closely with our clients, and we bring our expertise to help clients achieve their necessary goals. Our customers are our partners.

We Deliver Excellence

Through constant communication with the customer and quality control, we make sure that the project is completed in compliance with clients’ needs till the littlest details.

Honesty & Transparency

We are not just a software development agency. We are an extension of your company’s resources and knowledge. We build our relationship on trust.

Constant Communication & Support

From production emergency or management support to ongoing application maintenance support, our customers can be confident that their system is accessible to their end users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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