Custom Software Development

Ogma Inc. has made its mark in the information technology market by delivering tailored solutions that enhance the capabilities of your existing system or are created from the scratch to meet your specific business needs.

Our development strategy is simple and follows an agile development process mindset. It is based on sound architectural design, utilizing Object and Distributed Computing methodology. Technical competence in building, testing and implementing mission-critical solutions and software products allows us to deliver workable solutions. We provide high quality, cost effective software development services by combining business and technical expertise. We use our offshore development center to optimize costs.

Your return on investment is so much greater when you outsource information technology to a firm that specializes in the areas you need. Instead of just the knowledge of one person, you benefit from the collective experience of a team of IT professionals. Outsourced IT companies usually require their IT staff to have proper industry training and certifications as well. We are able to scale resources to any project size and select a project team based on our client's specific needs.

We have expert system analysts and programmers to carry our client's projects from a concept to deployment, following every step of the way in the project lifecycle.

From a high-level lifecycle perspective, the following are the critical elements in designing and building the system

  • Accumulation of all the requirements from the users

  • Design of database(s)

  • Design of Forms

  • Development of the System

  • Development of Web Services

  • QA of Administration Forms

  • QA of the Website

  • Data Conversion

  • Go live

  • Support

With the custom software development, we insure that our customers are armed to fight the business challenges today and have a solid foundation to create their future success tomorrow.

Mobile Application Development

Ogma Inc. provides full iOS and Android mobile app development services. We provide services that cover the entire development cycle, from concept to distribution. Whether you look for developing mobile applications for managing your internal business or you simply want to create a public product, we are here to assist. Our team of dedicated Android and iOS app developers and designers deliver end-to-end custom products.

Mobile App Development Services and Solutions we offer

  • iOS App Development

  • Android App Development

  • Tablet App Development

  • HTML5 Mobile Development

  • Cross-platform Development

  • Mobile App Design

Our service offerings cover all popular platforms and technology frameworks such as:

  • iOS / iPhone /  iPad / Apple Watch

  • Android for Google Play and Amazon Appstore

  • HTML5

  • Titanium

  • PhoneGap

  • Sencha

  • Xamarin

  • Ionic

Application Integration

Data commonality and unification within different systems in an organization is one of the biggest challenges today. Ogma Inc. utilizes a variety of techniques to integrate multiple systems within the organizations.

As the volume of shared data increases, Ogma Inc. uses data integration, or Enterprise Information Integration to combine the data and provide with a unified view of the data residing in different sources.

Ogma Inc.’s system integration engineers help you overcome the most complicated software integration challenges that you face between your external systems and existing applications. We cover the whole software integration cycle starting from handling main integration obstacles, testing to the final execution. Our integration services include but are not limited to:

Data Integration

We use automated integration methods to merge data in the most Database Management Systems (DBMS) and file formats. By integrating multiple data types our software architects make sure the data integrity is complete and meets your business logic schema.

Enterprise Application Integration

We facilitate seamless integration between mission-critical business platforms by providing best Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions. We integrate platforms that handle enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management, business intelligence, internet of things (IoT), content management (CMS), reporting and analytics as well as digital marketing.

API Integration Services

We use the most popular platforms when integrating custom built, third-party and open-source APIs. Our integration experts ensure you have the best practices by adding web service functionalities to applications as well as synchronizing different data formats across various applications.

Database Management

Day to day business activities create volume of data that slows down business performance without proper management. That’s where Ogma Inc. can help.

Our dedicated team assures you can be confident that your enterprise systems are high-performing and always available, freeing up your team to focus on the projects that really matter.

We offer Database Management Services that ensure flawless performance and support of your business-critical and complex applications/systems.

Database Setup and Configuration

We use best practices to handle database related tasks starting from the very beginning of creating databases by installing database software on standalone systems to customizing initialized files. We can import and export tables/schemas as well as your entire database. Our team of experts is always willing to review and provide guidance for optimizing your existing database setup.

Database Migration

We assist with the complex database migration by providing you with a team of highly qualified DBA consultants.

Database Administration

We help with the monitoring and maintenance of business-critical databases by streamlining processing and executing routine tasks like migration, upgrades, updates and performance tuning. We also help with the creation of users and granting appropriate privileges to them on your behalf.

Database Security

We make sure your data is protected from misuse and pilferage. We protect the integrity of your organization and minimize the downtime by adhering to security policies and standards.

QA & Testing

Quality Assurance is essential to building a successful business application. Therefore, solid and independent QA and automated test processes are a must in any organization. At Ogma Inc. our top priority is to make sure that our valued customers save time and money. We provide an independent software QA and testing services that promise the highest quality, reliability, low cost and enhanced usability. We strive for the success of the final product, devoting time, energy, and dedication to bring it to excellence. The entire development cycle is carefully examined by our certified QA team making sure nothing is overlooked. Through various research and speculative processes the Quality Assurance team finds and repairs any coding errors, bugs, or nonfunctioning pieces of the software, making sure that each component of the software is perfection. The appropriate test processes are performed during the product development life cycle.

  • Unit Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • System Testing

  • Stress Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Acceptance Testing

Automated and manual testing along with our experience in Agile development provide the basis to ensure your project succeeds.

Design & User Experience

Ogma Inc. provides UX/UI design services for businesses across a wide range of industries. The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your brand and your product. A powerful user interface bridges the distance between the human brain and the digital product.

At Ogma Inc. we take UX/UI seriously, combining appealing design with data-driven research to inform user flow. This approach produces beautiful products that are attractive, functional and intuitive for the end-user.

Our design team is a small design studio within a software company that will help you build an engaging product easily and quickly. Providing user-centric UX/UI design services across different business segments, our UI/UX designers have gained rich experience. They craft a unique design for your digital product which helps it stand out from the crowd.

Based on our user focused approach of how people interact with your website, apps or software, our designers will help you create user-centered designs and interfaces that are truly desirable, easy-to-use and navigate, lively, and offer an excellent user experience.

Our UI/UX Design Services:

  • User Experience

  • User Interface Design

  • User Research & Testing

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding

  • Prototyping

Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed greatly in the last decade. Our world and business stand in totally digitalization path. Thus, digital marketing became a perfect method of communication with businesses and customers. Digital marketing bridges brands and end-users, makes their connection live, on the spot and more effective. Now, in the era of digital solutions, your website or app are vital for acquiring and retaining customers. We will help companies understand the importance of digital marketing and realize the opportunity gaps online within their industry.

Our services are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Management

  • Advertising Campaigns Organization (PPC)

  • Content Creation

  • Email Marketing

  • Strategy and Analytics Consulting