Easily Publish to One Screen or Thousands

The WovenManager™ content manager system (CMS) easy-to-use interface:

Reduces program overhead by empowering individuals to manage complex multi-location, multi-channel, mixed content programming via a modern and intuitive interface.

Can be easily programmed by business users on place-based displays or on mobile devices, according to your business and customer needs. Bringing the content to your audience at the right time and in the right place increases engagement and conversion.

Elevate Your Brand
Captivate Your Audience

High quality content partners ranging from NBC, Fox Sports, Disney, and Telemundo to Vimeo, Sony Music and Mayo Clinic, allowing our customers to tailor audience- and location-appropriate digital experiences that meet business objectives.

Flexibility of when and how to combine your content with ours, enabling seamless integration of your self-branded content with ours for a highly targeted, professional and quality digital experience.

Manage electronic & physical records’ Life Cycle, from document creation to its destruction.

Damaris RM is a web and mobile based Record Management and Global Archiving solution(GAS), which archives, supervises and administers digital or physical records, regardless of their format. It easily integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial and operational modules by seamlessly importing and exporting all the business related documentation.

For over 30 years Damaris RM has helped organizations of all types and sizes to manage any record related issue. Its main goal is not only to help organizations keep business related records accessible in one place for both business operations and audit, but also bring it to a new level with the Encryption and Digital Vault systems. The built-in Encryption system encodes a message or file in such a way that only authorized parties can access it. And Digital Vault guarantees that each archived document will not be modified afterwards, bringing records management to a legal field.

The Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable sub-module is one of the most advanced and widely used sub-modules. It facilitates the whole payment process starting from archiving invoices, notifying and assigning tasks to the decision makers through built in email system, verifying the invoice details based on the ERP information, signing the documents, paying invoices on the online Supplier Portal. The sub-module fully integrates with the existing ERP system by automatically updating it. The user is able to access all the business critical information from ERP through Damaris and vice versa. In the Supplier Portal, the supplier can also upload invoices and other important documents which optimizes postage cost and delay and makes the business relationship more transparent.

The Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable sub-module helps to deliver invoices and any related documents/records to customers and get payments as soon as possible. The customer verification and notification sending, invoice upload, payment and other accounts receivable related activities are done on the Customer Portal. The sub-module is fully customizable and it is integrated with the existing ERP system and automatically updates the corresponding modules in ERPs omitting human error and saving time and money.

HR and Payroll

With the HR and Payroll sub-module companies can receive, archive and manage employee records. Pay slips, contracts, leave management documents and other sensitive records can digitally be delivered on the Employee Portal. The user can also customize the fields in the system to create Post Dated Checks or similar payment related documents and send them to the customer. Built in Document Signature guarantees the PDFs are created by the Company, and the file becomes non-modifiable. Besides Personal Vault permits to secure documents delivery with virtually no hacking risks. You keep all the information in the centralized storage and you can access these records not only from Damaris RM but also from the outside systems (ERP, CRM). This is especially useful when you change your ERP as it makes the migration an easy and painless process, since you are basically exchanging any information between ERP and Damaris RM.

Business Benefits Gained as a Result of Implementing Damaris RM:

The business critical records of any type and any size are kept and accessible in one place

Manual work is reduced to minimum based on the automatic archiving, supervising and administering of digital and physical records

Business critical records are 100% safe and retrievable with Damaris Vault

Encrypts the records so that only authorized parties can access them

All the accounting information is accessible and can be updated both in mobile and web, as Damaris RM seamlessly integrates with ERP systems

Internal communication and task management is also centralized with a built-in email system, scheduling and notification tools. The system also allows to archive external emails

Business flow, like paying, receiving and confirming payments, is centralized in one place through Supplier and Customer Portal

Easy access to employee records as well as transparent relationship with employees through Employee Portal

Flexible and customizable workflow of the system meets any business needs. It can distribute, archive, retrieve and manage any records

Your best guide to the city events

Explore Categorized hosts and events nearby.
Never miss the chance for being the first to know about the top events.
Follow your favorite clubs, lounges, concerts, museums, venues, music festivals, theme parks, and be part of city life.
Find out top events happening nearby. Always keep up with the best live sport, music and entertainment events.

About CityNabz

Was developed to help the major cities to promote their events easily.
CityNabz can be setup for any city in the world.
CityNabz can help the local business and organizations to promote their events.
CityNabz can help the locals and the visitors to find out about the events in the city.

Main benefits of CityNabz

Promote organizations of a city for their businesses.
Provide up to date information about the events in a city.
Collect a big number of users on the system with information on their interest and type of events that interests them.
Promote Major events in the city.
Provide an idea of number of people attending any event.
Promote a city as high tech, user friendly city.
Provide information to the tourists before and during their travel to the city in regard to the organizations and events.

Platform of CityNabz

CityNabz Administration portal is a web-based application with a very easy user interface that will provide all the necessary functions to the organizations to be able to create and promote their business and events.
CityNabz Website was developed to be used from the PC, tablets and also mobile phones. The users can decide to use this site without downloading any applications.
Mobile App. CityNabs also has developed an IOS and Android app for the users who prefer to use an app.
CityNabs can easily be localized with any Language.